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Crickets as the food of the future



I think that eventually, eating insects would become more mainstream and cease to be something that's only eaten in Fear Factor or by connoisseurs of weird food. I personally have tried eating bugs once. It tasted fine. What got me though was the idea that I'm eating bugs. And how gross it looked. 

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A lot of Asian countries swear by eating bugs! Not only is it a relatively inexpensive source of protein, there are studies that show it's high nutritional value pound for pound. I personally am not a fan of the things as I'm not used to eating them but they surely bring a lot of value to people in most cultures.

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I've been to Thailand and bugs are sold in street carts everywhere! It looked like it was a big part of their diet, kinda like how we treat other animals food sources like fish and pork. I've never heard of a massive health outbreak due to bugs so I'm thinking that it's safe to eat.

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Cultures had to adapt to survive back in the day. That's why cuisine always vary from one place to the next, it basically depends on what's available at a particular place. Personally, I am not a fan of eating crickets but I absolutely understand why other people do. 

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