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Decline in religion linked to parents


More and more kids in one particular high school in one particular part of the world are choosing to identify as non-religious.  This is linked to their parents not instilling in them the same religiousness as they do.  It might be interesting and more useful to se a more representative study done across city or nation boundaries.  But why is this happening, and more importantly, what does it imply?

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Why is this happening? Because young people have brains and are tired of social norms we are meant to live by. Kids are not stupid, they see what's going on in the world and (thank you internet) they have access to way more information than kids had 20 years ago. 20 years ago their parents told them - there is God and you better believe in it, and there was no choice. Today, they know about religious wars, they know about problems in Rome, they know there are more Gods than just one and they are fully aware they have right to choose their own God instead of going by what their parents told them.

And it does not imply anything but the fact kids have voices that should be heard.

I salute every kid out there who has courage to be themselves and to not follow masses. 

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Ronan Lombardo

 In general, students were much more secular in their lifestyle and beliefs than their parents were. Young people say religion was less important in their lives than older adults. It might be for their freestyle life leading. Obviously, they have right and that's why they prone to explore anything... they read books or experiences but the problem is that most of them fail to select the right path...

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