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Vincent Vega
Different generations in using different technology, including older generations


Now look at that, baby boomers are getting along with the trend! My mom who is 64 years old is using Facebook and non-stop posting of different status and pictures everyday. I never thought that there are many baby boomers who are also like my mom. Just when i thought my mom is one of a kind. Hahaha..

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Yup, my parents use social media too. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, they use it all and are probably more active there than I am lol Even my grandmas have smartphones. But I'm glad it's like that. Seeing them accepting new technologies and having fun makes me happy. 

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Tom Kaskey

Spending time with their grandkids would be much more advantageous than learning a new app I think. My grandma used to pass a lot of time with us and she never felt boring. Now, the family has been splitting and the relationship is getting away far more than we think and this is just for social media. Aw...those days were just splendid!

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