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[Discussion] How will 5G internet impact the video game sector in the future?

Once 5G addresses the issue of latency, console developers may shift to cloud-based subscription services that will provide greater flexibility and limited upfront costs for gamers. Because of this, world-class gaming could be streamed to any device, anytime, anywhere and it could be coming very soon!

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Jet peterson

If their latency claims are true, then online games on mobile will be freaking huge. I'm really excited about 5G and what it represents for the internet as a whole, but I got around to thinking about what it could mean for video games. I mean now we have game streaming services like PS Now which are okay but don't feel like they've reached their full potential yet mostly due to latency, lower graphical quality and bandwidth limitations in some cases.

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Online gaming will be a much better experience with 5g. I play a lot of online matches in my spare time and the current infrastructure is very inconsistent at best. Being a player that loves fighting/strategy games, even a split second of delay can get super annoying and may be the determining factor to victory or defeat.

I'm hoping that the next step ups in internet connection will make connecting with other gamers a much smoother experience.

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5g should fix latency issues hopefully. The gaming industry (in particular the online gaming industry) will surely benefit from improved internet.

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