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[Discussion] How will artificial intelligence impact crime in the future?

One of AI's unique abilities is to make accurate predictions based on data it collects. Just like when your online store recommends products based on what you've been browsing. Currently, some law enforcement agencies are using social media surveillance with the help of AI. They mine data for hashtags and other keywords related to drugs and other crimes. I think AI can really aid us to predict and lessen crimes in the future. How about you?

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AI will be a good benefit to the police force. AI and technology in general can help prevent casualties by using drones and things like that.

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Ronan Lombardo

In terms of risk to society, this risk assessment technology simply doesn’t appear to do a very good job of predicting violent crime. UK police forces have a wealth of data. Unfortunately, they struggle to find practical applications for it. But the issue isn’t the lack of capability. 

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I don’t think crime has much of a future.  With super AI in charge of billions of sensors blanketing the earth it will be nearly impossible to get away with anything.  Besides, I have to believe that a foolproof lie detector test will be developed sooner or later.


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AI can drastically help with preventing  police force injuries. With AI, it will be much easier to identify, track and predict criminal behavior. I believe crime fighting will be much more efficient with AI integration.

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