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[Discussion] How will augmented reality (AR) impact the apparel sector in the future?

I guess AR will make the customer experience a lot more fun. Imagine being able to mix and match different apparel without any hassle. You can do it at your own convenience, no need to line up and wait for your turn. That's just one aspect of it. Isn't it amazing?

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For sure! I imagine it will be like dressing up a character in your favorite videogame lol. You don't have to visit the store to try out new clothes.

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It will be similar to The Sims where you can mix and match wardrobe using a virtual avatar. It's actually a good idea, you enter your body measurements and the AR will do the rest for you. 

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Tyson Bareet

 This virtual front row store enabled people to have a 360° view of the Topshop Unique runway show. Customers in the store could simply take a seat and enjoy watching the latest designs on live stream even if they are outside the store.

Watch this:        

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