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[Discussion] How will automation impact the business services sector in the future?

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented acceleration in automation and technological advancements in the business sector. As examples, self-checkout machines will increasingly replace cashiers, robots restock shelves and algorithms will improve prediction of customer demand. Some believe that automation will soon replace most jobs. Is yours safe?

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Vincent Vega

How will it impact the business sector in the future? For sure it will have a huge positive impact on them. How? It will reduce the cost on wages/salary and the number of people to hire. What they just need to do is to invest on automated technologies and it will do all the job and monitor the production with minimal supervision. That's how efficient it will be like to the business sectors. 

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Self-checkouts are the best thingthat ever happened in stores! I'm sure with time robots will replace *some* of the workers, but there i no way they will replace them all. Human contact still is, and probably always will be, the most important thing in sales. Plus, somebody have to supervise all those machines.  

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Yup I agree. Automation may very well replace workers who work in things like assembly lines, but they will surely have humans to operate and supervise the operations. I'm also thinking that Quality Assurance can also be another sector that automation can be used at. 

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James Pallone

It really depends on the job market, stuff like taxi/Uber drivers will fade away, coffee baristas will be reserved for small shops, etc. It really depends on the jobs you are talking about. Humans in jobs that can easily be done by robots will likely have to find new jobs. Finally, it can be said some jobs will be eliminated, but many more will be created.

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