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[Discussion] How will big data change the way education works in the future?

Big data will allow very exciting changes in the educational field that will revolutionize the way students learn and teachers teach. It will offer unprecedented opportunities for educators to reach out and instruct students in new ways. It will also give them a deeper understanding of students’ education experience, and thereby help them evaluate the state of the education system. By 2050, I guess the whole education system will be fully transformed because of this.

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Vincent Vega

When you say big data, what i'm thinking is these are AR and VR technologies. Oh for sure students will be more motivated in going to school when this happens.

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@Vincent Vega - I don't think VR and AR are what Emma was reffering to lol But I totally agree with you that implementing AR&VR would do a miracle for educational systems. 

On topic - don't really think this will ever affect education much. Some facts might change. Some approaches too. But I don't think  we'll really notice any of those changes. 

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Hyden Sober

It is possible to monitor every action of the students. How long they take to answer a question, which sources they use, which questions they skipped, how much research was done, what the relation is to other questions answered, which tips work best for which student etc. Isn't this enough to make a virtual class? So, why all countries are not taking the initiative to make this possible?

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Very well said.

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@Hyden Sober - all of these things can be useful to teachers IF data was collected over several generations (and that's the only way we can talk about big data in education) and not for virtual classes but for making improvements in education. Ie, if teachers collect enough data on students performance they can create more efficient plan on when to do what with their students. Collection of data isn't and never was the main reason why virtual classes aren't popular - its because going to school has some advantages and because not even half of the world have decent internet either at home or at schools. There are still schools all over the world without computers available to students at all. 

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