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[Discussion] How will the blockchain impact the finance sector in the future?

Blockchain will impact almost every area of the financial sector. It will ensure that the industry is more efficient and secure. But do you think there won't be any problems along the way?

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I'm sure there will be problems, however, I believe it's time for capitalism to end and banks to stop controlling the world so as long as crypto is helping in that, no problem can be too big. There will always be scams, thefts, corrupted people etc.  No revolution can change that.

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Hyden Sober

The impact of blockchain will be profound and early adopters will benefit. The job of governments and financial organizations is to ensure that the damage to workers in the industry is mitigated to the greatest extent possible. The blockchain is the future of finance and I’m excited to be making it a reality.

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Taryn Boyle

While blockchain will ultimately ensure a more efficient, more transparent, more secure financial marketplace, there will be a lot of pain along the way. Some issues like trusted third parties, the back office, post-trade settlement, trade finance, insurance, and compliance and regulation are affected by this.

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