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[Discussion] How will brain-computer interfaces change the way film works in the future?

Brain-computer interfaces will create films that you can control using your mind with the help of a device like a wireless headset that's connected to a computer and it will detect electrical activities in your brain. You'll be able to edit the film in real time based on what you are consciously thinking about or by naturally responding to what's happening on the screen. I guess no movie will ever become boring again!

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So it's basically like a Choose Your Own Adventure book then. Sounds interesting, although I think that the gaming industry will be using that tech rather than the dudes from Hollywood lol

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Norma Desmond

It's like a dream turned into reality.

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So it's going to be like VR then. Sounds fun!

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James Pallone

So, I'm waiting for Avatar where humans remotely piloted a genetically engineered alien being, is closer than I might think.

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Interesting. A variable movie sounds good.

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Lancaster Dodd

Oh that would be AMAZING when that happens!

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