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[Discussion] How will cities look like in the future?

I think we'll be seeing cities that are carefully planned and everything is a highly interconnected smart environment where people, government and businesses operate in symbiosis. Technology will help shape the future of transport, infrastructures and even how we interact and basically do everything.

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Jenifer Tabet

 I am so much amused to know with high-demand and high land costs, super-tall buildings may be converted to house low-and medium-income workers. They will function like mini-cities with floors dedicated to working out, residential space, and office work. Also transporting system will be increasingly converted into flying vehicles like planes, drones, loops etc. Great!

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I'd bet it's pretty much the same as what we have now, except with more streamlined buildings and a more modern take on automobiles. I really hope that we fix the problem with low income housing rather sooner than later. 

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