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[Discussion] How will cloning impact soldiers in the future?

An army of superhumans has been a staple of science fiction and superhero comics for decades – but the recent superdog technology brings it closer to reality. The same technology could be used to create superhuman soldiers. Imagine, with the help of genetic engineering, it will be possible to delete a gene called myostatin which could double our muscle mass. An advance genetic editing technology could herald the dawn of superbreeds which will create stronger, faster, and better soldiers.

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Charles Kane

The question is, are the soldiers willing to delete this genes called myostatin?

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Norma Desmond

Another question would be, Will this really be of help of will be a big threat to our country? 

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Bonsai Girl

I don't think bigger muscle mass is where war industry is going. In future, I hope to see wars without real soldiers, only robots representing sides somewhere in a desert without humans (except those who started the war).

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