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[Discussion] How will geopolitics look like in the future?

Given the current geopolitical trends, it might be that in 10 years or so, US power might decline. China might face more problems and India will emerge as the new China. What are your predictions?

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That might be true. Probably that's why the US is doing everything to stop China from overtaking them!

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James Johnson

I think so, too.

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We can already see the U.S. and China rivalry in full effect now. What I'm wondering about is if there's gonna be a shift in Europe or if Russia is gonna continue on its path to try and go back to USSR-era of power.

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James Pallone

The US will maintain its status as an economic power but may face rivalry from India. On the other side the US develops slower than China, so by 2050, China will surpass the US  as the main superpower, dominating the world economically, and innovating in many's all about my perception.

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