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James Johnson
[Discussion] How will pop culture use or discuss electric vehicles in the future?

Concerns over pollution and the rising prices of oil were mainly responsible for the development of electric cars. I guess most people will accept the eventual replacement of traditional cars with electric cars. It is the future of the automotive industry as we continue to become more conscious of preserving our environment and lessening our dependence on oil.

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Electric vehicles will be the norm in the next few generations, that's until the powers that be could find a more efficient source of energy.

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Electric cars are a lot more environmentally friendly too. I don't see a lot of downside with using Ecars, especially if you compare it to what we have now. 


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Taryn Boyle

Pure electric car, Hybrid car... The car will be replaced by these in some days. Stations are replaced by electric station; Eco-station. Fuel will be a crisis factor cause the world's fuel is consuming. That's why, renowned car ar factories like Tesla, Toyota, BMW are trying to switch into electric form for saving the world.

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Yea I agree. I wonder tho if levitating cars like in the Jetsons will become a reality in the next 100 years Lol

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Forrest Gump

There are questions needed to be answered first before considering to buy these cars in the market like-- So how long will it take for those electric cars to be fully charged? and how long will the fully charged batteries last?

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Ronan Lombardo


The levitate cars of science fiction are, of course, just that, science fiction.  If something can make cars fly, apparently magnets can. Maybe someday we'll get to have our own Star Wars-like Landspeeder. Just not quite yet!

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