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[Discussion] How will quantum computers change the way video game works in the future?

Quantum computing can allow for better games to appear. Just as hard disk space was an issue during the Playstation 2 and 3 era, quantum computing will allow a larger space for game designers to work in, allowing them to weave complex stories and larger games which could take months to finish and maybe even years to fully complete.

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I think you got this completely wrong. Quantum computers will be able to deal with huge amount of data, that's it. The fact is, quantum computers can’t do much atm. They can do things normal computers can. Minus gaming, unless you consider simple text-based games such as Tic-Tac-Toe as real games.

In 50-100 years maybe, but I don't think we'll use computers for games at all then.

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Tyson Bareet

The simple answer is no. Classic computers will be used for a very long time because, in things like gaming, there is not to much need for a quantum computer and a good normal computer will do the job amazingly. Quantum computers will always cost a decent amount of money to make and to use it for something that doesn’t need much power would be a waste of money and would offer very little benefit.

SciShow: Quantum Computing Breakthrough

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The development of actual quantum computers is still in its infancy that's why it cannot do much ATM. The post is futuristic. I believe there are people who use computers for games. There are different kinds of gaming desktops and laptops out there. I also found out that there are a lot of decent PC games out in the market. You could check out this link.


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