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[Discussion] How will robots impact the business services sector in the future?

Robots may replace a significant segment of the human workforce in the future. Everything will become automated thereby boosting productivity and eliminating human error. Are you prepared for it?

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ok, AI in addition to robots will replace humans in every donkey work for good.

the only role for humans is to innovate.

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I think it depends on the industry. For mundane jobs like factory work such as packing and assembly line stuff, I definitely agree. But for jobs that require creativity and analysis such as building new business models and design, we may still need a human brain for that. 

But it is a guarantee that employment will take a huge hit once automation becomes the norm in the employment sector. It makes me kinda glad that I was born in the 80s lol

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Ronan Lombardo

Such systems generate significant cost cuts after the initial set-up of the system, which can be quite expensive in business service sector. But, the 24/7 operating schedule, low maintenance cost and, in the case of AI, the possibility of self-improvement can easily motivate the investment.

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