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[Discussion] How will video games work in the future?

If the movie industry already has IMAX and 4D, where the view is crystal clear and you get to feel and even smell some of the actions going on, why can't video games do the same, right? I'm guessing players will become more immersed because games will be more realistic and fun. Are you as excited as I am?

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I'm positive that the future of gaming is in things like the Oculus Rift. For those who are not familiar, it is a virtual reality headset developed and manufactured by Oculus VR.

Maybe future machines become so advanced that we might  not need VR headsets to run them. Imagine playing games like Tekken with that!

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Video games will be a LOT more immersive in the future. I'm guessing that future game machines will slowly take away the traditional controller and replace it with motion sensitive controls and such. 

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Check this out guys! An old school Tetris guy tries Tetris in VR. Surpringly he did a lot better when he used VR compared to the regular control pad. I'm getting some psychedelic vibes watching this lmao

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Norma Desmond

I can smell the excitement from the different kinds of players. This will absolutely be more addictive to all gamers out there!

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Ronan Lombardo

Virtual Reality is the most trending category in the video gaming. Now, most of the players are slanting towards the 360-degree virtual reality games. The reach of potential customers or players through 360-degree virtual reality gaming can be the most significant one.

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I'd really love to see more VR, AR and combination of those two in gaming. Prices are slowly dropping  and that's a good sign VR could become standard in gaming. 

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I do believe that  video games will likely continue to get worse in the future. There are still great games out there, but you really have to hunt for them. What's even worse is that many new games are not getting physical releases, which is extremely bad for collectors.  I personally prefer games from wooricasino rather that vieo games.

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