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[Discussion] What will we use cryptocurrencies in the future?

I think cryptocurrencies will continue to revolutionize the world and may replace national currencies by 2050 or earlier. The crypotocurrency market may seem to be exciting and scary at the same time but it's a work in progress, it will only get better and much more efficient.

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We are still in the early stages but It is clear that it is the wave of the future for sure. 

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World would be much better place if crypto replaced national currencies. Just imagine a world where banks and governments can't manipulate economy and markets. 

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Cryptocurrency is here to stay. Sadly, I missed out on Bitcoin back when it was less than $40 because I was skeptical and thought it would get shutdown.  I was mistaken. No to miss the train again, I invested some money into crypto and follows news and trends thouhj resources . So time shows

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