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[Discussion] What will we use lab grown meat in the future?

Lab grown meat may be the answer to world hunger. Overpopulation continues to be a problem unresolved until today, lab grown meat may help in terms of supply and demand. Scientists on the hand claim that meat grown in the lab are healthier and more environmentally friendly. Do you think we are ready for this?

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Sorry but I just don't see how meat made in lab could be better than grass-fed animal. Even if these things become something real I will never try it. 

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Tyson Bareet

 Lab-grown meat may help alleviate the environmental and health challenges posed by the world’s growing appetite for conventional meats. There's impacting a huge pressure on dairy meat and that's why it will be a great alternative. It’s really too soon to say what the environmental impacts of the first cultured meat products will be. I think it will take time for ensuring the health benefits of cultured meats as they are still not completely clear, either.

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Ronan Lombardo


Please place your eyes on this video... It means a lot...It's real & it's getting ready for marketing. Wish you will never try this!!!

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Charles Kane

My thoughts, too!  I am not convince that this is a healthy meat because of the chemicals used in the preservation of the meat. 

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mouse potato

Was just reading through some articles today and someone raised a fine point -- lab-grown meat will make it easier to avoid diseases like foot and mouth disease or even bird flu. My gut reaction to eating this is still a strong "no" but I can see why some people can consider this as the better option.

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That's a solid point. Lab grown meat will surely be free from diseases as it is created in a controlled environment.

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