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[Discussion] What will we use life extension in the future?

By the early 2050s, when life extension therapies become normalized, everyone in society will begin thinking more long term about how they plan their lives — this relatively new way of thinking will then inform how and what they vote on, to whom they will work for, and even what they choose to spend their money on.

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Do you really think life extension therapies are necessary for this change to come?

I think this is already happening. 50 years ago it was normal to retire and die, today it's normal to start living after retiring. 

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We tend to take a lot of things for granted because we get so caught up in the present often neglecting the future. People work until they reach the retirable age and by then, doesn't have the same vitality to really start living the life they've always wanted. Life extension will give us more time to plan and live our lives to the fullest.

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Planning one's life has been happening for decades now. Although I think that people in the future will surely have more access to options on how to prolong their lives. 

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Tyson Bareet

I don't think there is anything at the moment that will genuinely extend lifespan in a meaningful way. The only thing that might do is caloric restriction, and in that respect I have occasionally done intermittent fasts.

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Norma Desmond

Eating healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle will make our life longer than what is normal today. 

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Some people still won’t bother to plan their lives.  They’ll have more time to do whatever they please.

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I'm sure organ transplant will a lot more common in the future. Even today science is now experimenting with creating organs using other animals, so I'm guessing that we'll probably have a whole industry related to that in the future.

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I'll surely take whatever life extension process I can get. It will probably be a common option in the future as medicine continues to improve.

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