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[Discussion] What will we use robots in the future?

We may need robots for public security. Having these robots do 24/7 surveillance will allow law enforcement officials to act quickly and reduce crime to a significant level. How about robots at home? We can have them as helpers or even as friends. We may even have healthcare robots. What do you think?

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Here is the list of robots I would love to have:

- one that will clean up the house. I would love it to clean floors every day, dust, take care of laundry, trash and make sure all items are on their places
- one that would be used for entertainment, play music, project movies and series, show news and act as a phone
- one that would entertain and watch my dog when he's home alone
and of course - one that would do cooking instead of me at least few times a week

It would be cool to have some public robots too, to help elderlies, kids and blind people cross the road, few to help doctors do their job better... 

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Jet peterson

@Maya   how about the control of emotions of Robot though it's been working for getting a huge response of emotion control. And I don't think to spend a lot of money and buy a Robot for the simple tasks you mentioned: Playing music, Project movies, and series. Home automation is the best way to control all of these. Some Restaurant nowadays using line follower robot just for show off and for customer crowd ... Funny!

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