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Do we really, really want AI to helps us manage war in the future?

We're making terrific advances in artificial intelligence every year, it seems. I think it's beyond doubt now that AI will become an ever-present force that will power our daily lives.  Yet, there's one application of AI that might cost us a few sleepless nights someday: the use of AI in modern warfare.  AI is now used for applications like cybersecurity, self-driving vehicles and drones. It can also be used for cyber-attacks.  We might still remember the lessons of the last cold war enough to keep from nuking each other to ashes but cyber warfare can also cause untold damage to infrastructure, banking systems and the like (to say nothing of elections). Still not worried?  How about AI control of non-nuclear weapons independent of a human commander? It's not quite Skynet, but do we really want to get to that juncture?

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Charles Kane

What's Al?

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It's like TNT can be used in many ways! Humans tend to abuse everything tho xD :D


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Oh AI will definitely be used for war man! As much as I don't like to say it, there's no reason for nations to not use AI for their tech. 

Fight drones and self driving tanks will surely be a common thing in the future. 

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