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Document Coin - A new Cryptocurrency



Cryptocurrency is something like money in virtual form! Unline bitcoin and many more crypto coin, someone named Anderson starting a new digital currency project tentatively dubbed Document Coin. Anyone can create Document Coin account for free!


The value of each coin will be completely subjective, depending on who creates the coin and why! Isn't it amazing?

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Forrest Gump

Virtual currencies offer both advantages and drawbacks. Transactions in virtual currencies can be cheaper, faster, more secure and more transparent. There are also risks attached to the use of virtual currencies like, they don't really protect the consumer and there are also some risks in terms of stability of the platforms, volatility of the price and also classic cyber-threats like theft, hacking and loss.

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Lancaster Dodd

Interesting. As long as others do not use this to elude others or use this as a scam right?

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Coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum and highly volatile. On any given day, it is common to see an increase to 10-20% or even a decrease. That makes using most cryptocurrencies for daily transactions inconvenient.

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That's why Bitcoin or Ethereum are not used for daily transactions. There are other cryptocurrencies that are less popular and more stable and could be used for paying coffee or buying groceries. 

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Barton Fink

Dealing in cryptocurrency is all about understanding the behavior of crypto market and then acting likewise.

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Tyson Bareet

If anyone afford account can provide functions other than making payments. In this case, the units or coins are sometimes referred to as crypto tokens.

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Ronan Lombardo

Could you please anyone let me know about how 'Document Coin' saves money? Do they use any wallet as like Bitcoin uses? 

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