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Drones for food and package delivery



I think drones will be very useful for digital mapping and surveillance but I'm on the fence about its use for food or package delivery. While it would probably help alleviate traffic and will help customers get things faster, there are just so many things that can go wrong too.

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I've seen a video about this year or two ago, how drones could be life savers for people in rural areas when snow cuts them off. I don't know it that project ever launched but it was a cool idea. And I know Uber was bragging they'll start testing drones early in May. I wonder how's that going?

I like the idea but yes, I think you're right about things that could go wrong with this. From theft to falling down or crashing into something..and not to mention how easy it is to get hurt by drone.

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Drones will be of great use but I think we will also have to look into improving drone tech. If it becomes mainstream to send stuff via drone, imagine how many of them will be flying around.

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