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E. coli to convert plants into renewable chemicals



After seeing on the news that there's plastic waste even in the deepest parts of the ocean, new discoveries like this which might eliminate waste and pollution is very, very welcome.

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"Engineering solutions like these, which overcome toxicity and efficiency issues, have the potential to make biofuel production economically viable. The external inducer-free, auto-regulating method for valorizing lignin is just one way that researchers are working to optimize the biofuel-making process."

Interesting stuff! I'm glad they found ways to make biofuel viable. Renewable plant sources is a great source of energy, using this virtually untapped market is smart.

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Nice. This is a very welcome addition to today's society. Our planet is slowly dying because of man made trash, this will only help in minimizing the damage to our environment. I surely hope that tech like these will be used by major corporations in the near future.

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