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Electrical stimulation helps regain walking ability



With all the news about how advanced prosthetics and "robo-walkers" are these days, I'm glad to see research being done to help them "regain" their ability to walk. I'm happy for the people who were part of the test groups whose lives are now made a bit better.

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I had a friend who had Bell's palsy when we were in college. He mentioned that he did therapy where an electric stimulant was attached to his cheek to somehow regain the feelings on that part of his face. I'm thinking that this is somehowrelated to my friend's therapy in theory. 

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I hope your friend is doing good now, JaredDuffy409. I've read articles about how stimulation can indeed help with "reviving" nerves. 

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Tyson Bareet

My vozom friend, David, he could have to roll his wheel chair after an accident. Now, he can do a knee extension of his left leg, flex his hip and even move his toes. EES works implementing device that delivers electrical signals to the spinal cord. When an injury interrupts the connection between the spinal cord and brain, it prevents signals from reaching below the site of the injury. Here's the conversion from wheelchair to walkingchair:

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