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Electronic health records help save lives



It's great that having access to our medical records help them give us better health care. However, I hope they have taken great measures to also ensure those still stay private and confidential.

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It's kinda sad to see we live in 21st century and are still using paper documents in places that would be much more functional if they used available technology. Not dealing with searching for papers when patient comes in, or calling another doctor to find and read what's written in it would definitely make doctor's job at least a bit easier.

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Eve Harrington

If I'm not mistaken, some hospitals in the US and in some coutries have already invested on this technology. And yes, this is really convinient not only to the Doctors but also the the patients of the hospital. Doctors can access the patient's medical records and update these records real time. Using these gadgets saves time and effort unlike before where everything is on paper.  I can see a lot of pro's in using this new technology like reliability, efficiency, saving administrative costs, improving patient care and many more.

I remember the progress of the Hospital in the TV series, "Grey's Anatomy". Few years ago, they used papers in tracking patients records and now they use tablets in keeping all the patients records. Doctors can access and update these records easily. It was really amazing and way efficient that before.

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Cosmo Brown

It will also make their diagnosis faster than before.

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Ronan Lombardo

An electronic health record can save time, money and also lives. By bringing together all of the specialists, the patient, rather than hearing conflicting advice from each physician in sequence, was and continues to be, provided with a clear, expert recommendation for treatment all at once.

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