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Is email better than social media?



The title for this article made me laugh out loud. As someone who's been working for more than a decade, I can say for sure that e-mail is no better. The medium is not the problem -- it's us. As long as we don't consider the internet as a shared space, people will feel entitled to unload all their diarrheic thoughts everywhere without considering how other people feel about it.

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Jenifer Tabet

I always appreciate email marketing is more effective than social media:

Email is direct, making it more personal and personalized than social media marketing. It is more prevalent, most of the people don't like to cling with social site. Moreover, email marketing converts better than social media. Finally, email is a formal via of contacting or marketing. From my experience, I knock my professor through email.

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As far as marketing is concerned, I think social media ads perform better. With spam filters these days, I haven't received a promotional email in more than 3 years. This is just based on personal experience, of course, and not any research numbers.

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Both have their intended market and can surely coexist with the other. I say why not both.

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Hyden Sober

Social media seems to be a garbage for you if you don't get the right information in your field. But I would like to ask all of you that, Is all these types of news we want to see, like, what the Actor/Actress is wearing? How lavishing the marriage ceremony of this politicians son/daughter? etc. Don’t you people think, we need some materialistic and reasonable news?

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Both are used to communicate but obviously Social Media is targeted as a communication AND a content tool. Email can also be used as a channel for entertainment I guess but it's a lot easier to regulate. 

Not a fan of today's Social Media landscape at all btw, the "news" that pop up on my feed are cringe inducing most of the time lmao.

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The 2 serve different purposes so I don't think one is better than the other. Both are very useful tools for communicatio IMO.

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