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mouse potato
An entire city inside a 'bee hive' skyscraper



I think that down the road, buildings and condominiums will be built enough that they'd be practically like "little cities." Even now, I see condos being built in my area with their own malls at the bottom floors. My friend lives in one of these. She lives on the 21st floor, works on the 5th floor, and buys everything she needs from the grocery on the ground floor. Not sure how I feel about the 'beehive' skyscraper in the middle of the water though.

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Jenifer Tabet

Even some congested cities especially in South Asia, you will be stuck to see such systems of designing buildings or not designed. It's a great pleasure to know the idea of this structure. Some buildings have already space for gardening clinging to the veranda. But this idea is so much different. A system that provides light for plants, an extra space for people also to feel the world. Amazing!

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Charlie Wilson

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