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Is ethics the most pressing problem for the progress of AI?



I think this is gonna be a challenge especially because it challenges our concepts and understanding of what makes us unique as a species -- our ability to think, adapt, and create. If AI reaches a point where could do that too, do they then deserve the same rights as us?

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Absolutely not! AI can't replace humans, it has to be here to serve humans and to make our lives easier and better. AI should have ability to let's say think (but it's actually analyzing data) and adapt and create, but it will always be just a piece of code without a soul. 

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Ronan Lombardo

One area fraught with ethical issues in the workplace. AI will let robots do more complicated jobs and displace more human workers. But all types of jobs can't be altered by robots following those ethical issues. Jobs may have been lost only if factories close down and it may cause an increased risk of suicide, substance abuse and depression. 

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Absolutely. In theory, AI is a massive step in technology.. the problem is that we never know what people might do with it. And the aggessive growth in technology is due to warfare if you look into it historically. 

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If we cannot even trust our own kind in the way they handle weapons. how much more machines who can potentially be much, much smarter than us a few decades from now. 

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Exactly. I just listened to Elon Musk on Rogan's show and he also mentioned this. 

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I think the main problem is not ethics but humankind not being able to accept new technologies. Technology is advancing really fast and it's normal some of us are scared of what could happen with all this technology around us. I don't think AI will ever have same rights as humans and I'm sure we'll be treating them as machines forever.

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Think of AI as a knife -  it is morally neutral and how it's used is totally dependent on the user.

AI will most like push us to improve faster than probably anything that's been created, but it surely does have a lot of risk if you think about it. In the hands of a dictator it can cause a lot of damage in all possible sectors.

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