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Extension to expect lengths of upcoming waves

Most impulses contain what Elliott called expansion. Extensions are elongated impulses with exaggerated units. The vast majority of pulsed waves contain expansion in one and only one of the three active sub-waves. From time to time, the units of the expanded wave have almost the same amplitude and duration as the other four waves of a larger pulse, which gives a total of nine waves of the same size, rather than the normal number "five" for the sequence. In a sequence of nine waves, it is sometimes difficult to say which wave has expanded. However, in any case, this usually does not matter, because in the Elliott system, counting nine and five have the same technical value. The diagrams in Figure 1-5 illustrating the extensions clarify this point.

The fact that expansions usually occur in only one working subwave provides useful guidance on the expected length of upcoming waves. For example, if the first and third waves are approximately the same length, the fifth wave is likely to be a long surge. (In waves below the initial degree, the expanding expansion of the fifth wave will be confirmed by a new large volume, as described in Lesson 13 in the Volume section.) And vice versa, if wave three continues, the fifth should simply be built and resemble one wave.
In the stock market, wave 3 is the most common wave. This is of particular importance for interpreting waves in real time when viewed in combination with the two rules of impulse waves: this wave 3 is never the shortest active wave and that wave 4 may not overlap wave 1. For clarification, let's assume two situations associated with an irregular medium wave,

In Figure 1-6, wave 4 overlaps the top of wave 1. In Figure 1-7, wave 3 is shorter than wave 1 and shorter than wave 5. According to the rules, none of them is an acceptable marking. Once the apparent wave 3 is unacceptable, it must be re-marked in some way that is acceptable. In fact, this should almost always be indicated, as shown in Figure 1-8, which implies an extended wave (3) during the creation process. Feel free to start the habit of marking the early stages of the third wave. This exercise will be very useful, as you will see from the discussion in the Wave Identity section of Lesson 14. Figure 1-8 is perhaps the single most useful guide for real-time pulsed wave counting in this course.
Extensions can also occur inside extensions. In the stock market, the third wave of the extended third wave is also usually a continuation, creating a profile similar to that shown in Figure 1-9. Figure 1-10 illustrates the fifth wave of expansion of the fifth wave. The extended fifth is rare, with the exception of bull markets for the goods described in lesson 28.
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