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Fancier concession options for moviegoers



My family rarely go out to watch movies because we prefer watching DVDs at home but when we do, the experience of going to the cinema just doesn't feel the same without popcorn. Although I do agree that these days, we end up buying the popcorn out of habit and end up eating the "fancier" items we got -- burgers, pizza slices, and sometimes shawarma.

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Ronan Lombardo

Okay, that's fine. I'm one of those odd types who don't really like movie theater popcorns. So I was glad when theaters started offering good quality espressos and other drinks and delectable snacks.

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Cosmo Brown

Okay. That's a long read, but personally i still eat popcorn when watching movies even if it's only in the house. Old habits die hard, eh?  

With all the constant changes that are happening in our market today, they should really find ways in reinventing the way they sell.

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Taryn Boyle

Popcorn and movies, movies and popcorn - it's an eternal pairing. For decades, the two have seemed as inseparable as peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, Bonnie and Clyde. But that's all changing. Movie theaters are increasingly...

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Looks fancy! Yeah and I agree that Popcorn and movies always go hand in hand, that it's weird to not eat popcorn while watching a movie.

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