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Farmers now use lasers to stave off birds



I feel bad for the birds but using lasers to ward them off is pretty neat. I wonder how the birds will adapt or evolve to lasers though.

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Jenifer Tabet

Scarecrows! Always reminds me this word when I hear about stave off birds. But the latest trend in keeping pests away from crops sounds like something straight out of Star Wars. And this process is really cost-effective, cause retinal injuries for them, the lasers is noisy and so on. What about the steps have been taken to ensure the safe use of these lasers around humans?

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LOL When I read the title I thought they're burning poor birds with lasers. But they're just making them a party every night :D I don't think this will be good long-term solution. Birds are adaptable animals and will soon learn it's just a light show.

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You got to give it up to them though, using lasers is a very unique solution to keeping birds away.

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Well that's definitely one way of doing it haha!

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