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Feeding 10 billion people requires more plant-based diet



This is definitely great news. However, I wonder if it already factors in how climate change will result in less yields for major crops like corn and rice. I'm also surprised with how big the environmental impact is of food wastage.

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Tyson Bareet

Springmann expressed, "No single solution is enough to avoid crossing planetary boundaries. But when the solutions are implemented together, our research indicates that it may be possible to feed the growing population sustainably."

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^ Yes exactly, there are a lot of moving parts here and focusing on just one aspect will lead to more issues. 

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Plant based food will definitely play a big part in feeding people in the future. But I also think science will most likely create artificially created meat, in fact they are doing that very thing right now in samples.

If there's something that I wish science would develop, it would be to create a way for food to not perish for a longer period of time. It might help lessen food waste.


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