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mouse potato
Feeding seaweed to cows to reduce greenhouse gas emissions



Wow. I thought the greenhouse emissions/climate change factor from cows were because of the waste they produce and the amount of grass they have to consume. Burps. Huh. Pretty encouraging though that's we're looking into all aspects to save the environment.

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Lancaster Dodd

Wow! It's very overwhelming how scientist and people are helping hand-in-hand in fighting global warming. If they will be able to provide a viable & long-term solution for this research and approved by the government, they should require every farmer to use seaweed. It maybe a small percentage of help in saving the world from global warming but it can be a start. 

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I'm sorry guys, I know this is a serious topic but this research is just hilarious :D So, they're feeding cows with seaweed and then take them to machines where they should burp four times per day. I can't resist seeing a picture of cow burping in machine lol

On topic: it's a good try but I don't think this will be viable long-term solution

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mouse potato

I thought it was weird too. First thought in my head when I read the title was it'll make the cows salty. Lol. 

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That article is ridiculous lol. It definitely is an out of the box idea and I hope that it could work. 

"On topic: it's a good try but I don't think this will be viable long-term solution" - I agree, at first I was kinda unsure if this is a joke but yeah.. this may not be a viable in the long run like you mentioned. 

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