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Floating farms will keep our children fed and our children's children too


I'm completely sold on this idea and I'm amazed that it's taken this long to develop it.  Floating farms could provide us with all the fruit and fish we will ever need for generations and at the same time we could redevelop farm land for living spaces or simply allow it to naturally return to its pristine beauty. Incredible!

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Jenifer Tabet

I noticed a floating farm which was also a great thing to experience. I saw a barge typed farm over a pond where chickens were growing and under the farm fish hatchery was parallelly grown up by eating the excrement of chickens. Also, I noticed the isles on the pond where vegetables were produced including ebb-tide of the water level. 

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mouse potato

This is a pretty cool idea but I wonder how they're gonna fare when there's a storm surge or typhoon. 

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Anything that can prevent hunger is awesome in my book. Maybe this will be the wave of the future idk.

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I think using floating farms is a great idea! Any initiative that focuses on food production is super beneficial.

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If we create a couple of those for every country I think we can help eliminate most of our problems with food shortage. 

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