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Four planning principles to make cities make more walkable



Walkability is also something that I look into when I go to a new city. I think this is one of the things I loved the most about Newcastle. You can just walk to just about everywhere.

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Hyden Sober

In Amsterdam, a city of 783000 about 400000 people are out riding their bikes on any given day. This step is only minimally about walkability.  It’s all about making cities more hospitable to cycling, which many U.S. cities are now doing. The walkable city is very good indeed, a worthy addition to the canon of urban thinking although the subject matter is critical.

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I didn't know this is such a big issue in US! In Europe most of the streets are made to meet people's needs and I can't even imagine a city where I can't walk or ride a bike from one place to another. It's time for US to learn something from Europe.

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James Pallone

City Amsterdam has a great tradition of cycling, to begin with, and the engine is completely marginalized in the road. The intolerable number of traffic deaths really a serious concern for all countries and they solve it with this super method.

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