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Genetically modified super-broccolis



With global warming and aging farmers, it makes sense that we're turning to science to "improve" vegetables. However, the problems it can cause down the line are too scary that I think we're better off leaving the vegetables alone.

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Jet peterson

Broccoflower isn’t a hybrid or genetically modified. It’s just a type of cauliflower that happens to be green, not white, so people call is “broccoflower” because the fact that it’s green reminds them of broccoli. Technically, it had its genome artificially modified in the hybridization process. That's why many could call it GMO now. 

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This has been done for decades from what  I know. Even bananas look drastically different from years ago

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I wonder though if these geneticaly modified vegetables are more or less safe to eat. 

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