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Guess who's helping the world to collapse


It's clear as day to anyone who's been paying attention that there have been more "failed states" in the last fifty years than in the last two centuries. That's a nice way of saying a lot of tiny countries were obliterated, extinguished. But here's an interesting factoid up for dispute. Military intervention by the US and its allies in the Middle East in the last two decades have ALWAYS exacerbated violence and accelerated state failure. One would almost think they DIDN'T WANT peace in the Middle East.

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I strongly believe no one wants peace in the Middle East. Nothing can generate so much easy money as military industry and to keep it running weapons must be produced and for that big countries need wars. Preferably as far from them as possible. 

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Taryn Boyle

Though there are clearly many reasons for the present disintegration of states and they differ somewhat from place to place. This is increasingly the pattern for the whole region and is spreading elsewhere. It carries with it the possibility of an endless cycle of indecisive wars and an era of instability that has already begun.

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