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How are stocks traded?

Most major stocks are traded on the stock market. This is a generic term for a global network

For example, British shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange (NYSE), or could be on the London Stock Exchange (NYSE) or NASDAQ.

These exchanges are highly regulated markets where buyers and sellers meet to negotiate stock transactions. Only qualified individuals are allowed to trade
What is a stock broker?
The role of a stock broker. Are you ready for a stock market investor? At present, however, this process is being carried out almost always online.

There are three main types of broker:

full service
Operate and implement a strategy based on the client's investment objectives - trading on their behalf.
The High Committee
Provide investment advice and recommend specific deals, but leave the final decision to the client.
Medium commission
Execution only
Simply execute the client's trading instructions, usually via an online platform. No advice.
Low commission
When choosing a broker, it's important to think about your knowledge of the markets as well as the amount of time you're willing to commit to watching your portfolio.

Trading times
Shares are only traded during the working hours of the ASE. Here are the opening and closing times for some major exchanges (UK time, April-October).

Stock market
How do stocks become listed?
Companies are either privately or publicly owned.

A private company is not listed on the main stock exchange, so you should usually contact the owners directly to purchase the shares. Until then, they are not obliged to sell.

However, if you want the IPO owners, you can make an IPO, or an IPO. After the IPO, the company's shares are listed on the stock exchange.

Often listed companies have a public stock exchange? Precise rules tend to differ?

12 o'clock

One of the main advantages of investing in stocks

Dividends are the amount of money paid to shareholders, which is part of the company's profits.

When a company makes a profit, at the company's expense

Dividends can compensate for the price a company does not offer that expands rapidly. Bonus to shareholders in this case

Lesson Summary
Most stocks are traded on major exchanges
Investors generally need to act through a stockbroker to trade
The IPO is the first time that a private company offers its shares for sale to the public
Profits are part of the company's profits

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