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Human-like robot nannies



Given how homogenous Japan is and how it'll be hard for foreigners to acclimatize to their culture, it's no surprise that their elderly has no issues with being taken care of by a robot. Given how they also got back on their feet through industrialization, they don't have as much reservations about robots as other cultures too. With AI getting better every year, I think we'd also be able to have robots that can believably mimic human emotion.

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It's kinda like the robot maid in the Jetsons if you think about it. We are slowly getting there lol.

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I've seen lots of Japanese robots on TV, the country never ceases to amaze me LOL

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I'm curious what Japanese robotics companies are capable of doing in the future. I remember seeing on the news the robot named Erica being a news anchor. Terrifying, but I still want to see where this timeline will go. Hopefully, one day they'll add a feature where it can help with children's homework. Shame, the future isn't now. I'm stuck with writing essays myself.

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