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Humanoid robot that is multilingual and can make jokes



I'm not surprised by the creepy face aspect of this but I'm surprised that these are available to the general public. Well, at least anyone who has a spare £112,000.

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Hyden Sober

So let’s say we perfect the technology where we know they won’t blow up in our face or malfunction and choke us in our sleep, we have an entire generation that has grown up watching movies like 'iRobot' and the 'Terminator' where these machines rise up and kill the humans. I think it's interesting to have such like the same faces of mine around me! 

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I find it fascinating that they finally developed technology that can undestand humor. To me that basically means that it has a complex algorithm and can make critical decisions at a rapid pace. 

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The only thing that surprises me in this story is that they were able to create perfectly functional robot that looks and feels like a good looking girl and they gave her robotic male voice. 

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James Pallone

Isn't it surprisable fact that it can speak multiple languages, interact with humans and make jokes?!

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