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I didn't realize there was so much artificial intelligence could do for farming. Or for cows.


Artificial intelligence sure does a lot to help farmers these days: milk cows, adjust individual cow diets, adjust individual crop plant diets, do automatic weeding, and so on.  Pretty sure there's no danger there of the Internet replacing farm labor but you have to wonder what else new technology can do for the "fourth agricultural revolution."  Help cows trade stocks?  Online bovine dating perhaps?  One thing's for sure, the Canadian government is ready to fully support the cows--I mean the farmers with new tech, in maximizing harvests, maximizing savings and just generally making smarter decisions on the farm.

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Tom Kaskey

I heard from my professor that there's a device attached to a cow's tail developed by Irish company Moocall sends her a text when a cow is ready to give birth, so she can be there to make sure nothing goes wrong. Moocall doesn't use AI — it simply sends a text when a certain threshold of spinal contractions in the tail are exceeded.

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I am all for all of that for longas it keeps things monitored. Glad too see that numerous industries are getting the attention it deserves in terms of process advancement.


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