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Charles Kane


A code of conduct is necessary so members of an organization or group understand the standards they will be expected to uphold when interacting with each other and others outside the organization. A code of ethics promotes a good social and professional culture by demonstrating how people are expected to act. The process of assessing the behavior of employees becomes more objective when a code of conduct is used as a reference point. An organization's code of conduct applies to both contractor and permanent employees.


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It is an integral part of a company's identity. For me the code of conduct is the reflection of how management wants to run a specific organization. I think I have never worked for a company that has little to no COC. 

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Yes same here. All of the companies that I worked for had some kind of code of conduct in place. Only shady companies have none as far as I'm concerned.

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Tom Kaskey

In my experience, there is a little number of business company where Code is usually used. If there is an urgent project where a code is clearly associated, they use to hire a specialist or buy a predefined plugin or template. But in some of them, ethical coding is a must. The difference is that an ethics code provides guidance about decision-making, while a code of conduct defines specific behaviors that are required as well as those that are prohibited.

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