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Individual business psychology

The emotional state of the trader directly affects his deposits. Even the best verified strategy
Years can cause losses if the trader is disturbed or full of fear and danger. As a result of any use
Even the best trading tool depends mostly on a person but not on external factors.
A self-confident trader has more opportunities to profit and even uses the worst or worst
Strategy because he controls his emotions. When trading the financial markets, you should
Always be prepared for your success.

When any new trader has studied and started using a new strategy after its success
Deals imagine that he is a big trader and a teacher in the market. On the wave of ecstasy it is
Carelessly ignores its trading rules. It happens because of the unnecessary trust that you give
They are inaccurate. This is the method of self-retreat. The result is DC
Loss. No matter how successful the trader is at the beginning of his career, it is very ridiculous
Serious violation of the rules. Only the following methodological rules will lead the trader to
Success despite losses on the way.

Rules are very important in trading. Good support in making online rules
Trading will be a trader's diary. Trader's diary is a successful and unsuccessful date
The recipes are described and analyzed in detail that help to escape the same mistakes and gives
An opportunity to test and improve your trading strategy. Fix the progress you understand
What you do best and analyzing your mistakes shows what you should study or stop
Gain success. Looking back you will see your progress and it will be a good stimulus
Help you do not lose confidence in yourself. Don't be surprised if you spend more time in your breath
Look for market analysis. Only self-improvement is the key to success

Controlling your emotions is an important part of trading success. There is important
He studied trading from the Alcoholics Association. It should be noted that there
The sumptuous resemblance between a trader who loses his money and his alcoholism: always changes
His business style as an alcoholic is believed that his problem can be solved if replaced
Strong drinks with weaker drinks. This trader becomes a loser unable to accept
Loss of control in his business. Only when a person accepts that he is an alcoholic has a chance
To deal with this problem. An alcoholic understands who he is after hitting a rocky life
Down and lost everything. Thus the merchant fell into ecstasy and felt it so
Almighty after a series of successful deals lose a profit and then a full deposit
The bottom of the financial markets. After leaving the market, there are only a few traders
Understanding the cause of their losses was not the wrong trading but the wrong mind. these people
They can be changed and become successful traders. That's why the first step will be acceptance
That you are "alcoholic market", "loser."

Unprofitable deals for losers like alcohol for alcoholics. A small loss is like a glass of
Vodka, a big loss is like a constant party. Some small losses lead to a concert. Loss of the merchant
Moves from one tool to another changing strategies and application to different teacher
And "teachers." His money quickly seeps after his attempts to hit the jackpot and
Taste victory again. To stay abstinent, you have to accept once and for all: "I am an alcoholic."
Imagine that you have killed alcohol you will quickly open the way to alcoholism. And therefore
Every trading day, you should start on the screen in proportions and say, "Hi, I'm Vasia

The lesson from AA helps us understand whether we are following our fear that it will lead us
To a dead end and crash. A successful trader reacts to losses as an uninterested person
His friends after two glasses of alcohol - tried and stopped. A series of signaling losses
Dealer to stop and think. The loser will try to recover his money in the hope of making a profit
Open trades repeatedly. Such an adherence to trading always reflects the line between risk
And gambling. They trade emotionally and become addicted to alcohol. After I lost everything
These men become analytics because they are alcoholics who have lost everything and worked in the bar
Drink the rest of the alcohol. Fraud in themselves and other people most losers
Success and management of their deposits represent more neglected. Ignore the notes and the plans
Trading logs, they quickly go down and don't think about how much money they have

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Erika Sanders

"The emotional state of the trader directly affects his deposits"

I absolutely agree with this statement. That's why it is important to rest enough, go somewhere and change environment.

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