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mouse potato
Living in Hong Kong's cubicle homes



I've seen several documentaries on Youtube showing just how insane some of these homes can be. I get micro-apartments but some of these homes are just...squalid and unsafe. 

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WOW that's rough! Not to mention the psychological strain of living in a shoebox can definitely takes it toll on anyone. It's sucks to think that we are living in 2018 and we still have things like this. What's sad about this story is the fact that more and more elderly people are forced to live in these conditions because they have no choice :(

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I'm sorry for all these people who have no choice but to live that way :( At one point I was living in tiny apartment. It was 161-square-foot micro apartment and while I had just enough space for myself most of the time I didn't feel comfortable. I can't even imagine how people are surviving in these tiny boxes. 

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Prices of apartments there must be crazy high! I hope their government does something about it man.


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Hyden Sober

It's exactly what happened in Glasgow in the industrial revolution. The 1 and 2 room flats which made up the notorious slums in places like the Gorbals started out as decent sized flats which were bought up by developers and subdivided.

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Just looking at the first picture makes me nauseous. Having a toilet near the cooking area is a sure sign that the area is super tiny.

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