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Love called Sex in the 21st century


In the 21st century, people are more likely to do sex when they love! In social media platforms, we usually see people are sharing nude photos, sexual content quite casually.

Do you think this is a serious matter or it is natural?

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there's also this article that focuses on millennials culture:


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Lancaster Dodd

True that! Nowadays, everything you post in public networking sites or the internet is


Meaning, it can't be deleted or whatsoever, and others can take this as an opportunity to take advantage of you. You'll be surpirised. So we need to really educate the young people today. Start at your own home. Talk to your sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, nephews etc. Give them advises. Take and start the action. 

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Norma Desmond

Even if the one you're sending is your boyfriend, seriously dating or even your husband, never ever send a nude picture of you.

I've heard, watched & read a lot of stories of these on the internet and newspapers. They used the pictures sent to them as a blackmail for money until eventually the pictures became viral and the reputation of the victim had been damaged. Now how can you lift yourself up from drowning at that point? Lawsuits can't save the damaged reputation because the damage has been done. 

Trust no one when it comes to the internet. Better be safe than sorry you know. 

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Charles Kane

Now that's what you call CYBERCRIME momma!

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Jet peterson

This has been a serious issue nowadays. People especially girls are the victim of this a lot. Without knowing anything or lack of experience or even falling into someone's oblivion they make the mistakes of sending those ones and fall them into hazards.

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Is this really a bad thing?

I mean, come on, we've all seen naked people and we all have our own naked bodies. Body-shaming is something that should be unnatural.

Also, we had decades of 'love come first and sex is unimportant' politics and that didn't give us anything good. All we learned is to be ashamed of our bodies and natural needs.

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I totally agree!

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Lancaster Dodd

I totally disagree with you bruh! You can say that because you're not in that situation. I mean, imagine yourself looking at your nude picture and reading degrading comments from people you don't know. Isulting you with harsh words even if they don't know you personally. How'd you handle that? Unless that's you're job.

If you are the kind of person who is not used to this kind of stuff, it's really wrong. Using your own nude pictures for blackmailing is good? Well not for me. 

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Ok, been there, done that, bought the T-shirt. It wasn't a superfun ride, but I survived. And I learned my lesson. Sure it's wrong for people to be rude, but it's all part of the internet community. If you don't want to hear or see something besides compliments you do not take a nude selfie and post it online. I also can't imagine scenario where someone with honest intentions can be blackmailed with their nudes. I see how blackmailing can work when cheaters are involved, but other than that no. There are also few rules for taking nude selfies you can read on absolutely every adult page that will keep everyone safe and if adult people are not able to follow few simple rules whatever happens is really their own fault.

Long time ago one of my friends told me - if you want to keep something private, don't put it online. It's as simple as that. Good thing in virtual communities is that things happen really fast and focus on one topic never lasts long and if you become a target you really don't have to do anything. That's also the best thing to do. In few days focus of the group will be changed and everything will be forgotten. 


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Lancaster Dodd

Moral lesson: Don't take nude pictures and send it to ANYONE or worst, post it online. You are responsible for your own actions. 


***"In few days focus of the group will be changed and everything will be forgotten." - Internet will never forget hot topics though. It will always be there and employers who are doing background checks will learn about it eventually. It's not that they will judge you, but this will have a great impact. 

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