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Jet peterson

Well, it's all about how they wanna treat with social sites. Some wanna try to celebrity, some to show off, some just for nothing else. But most of the cases, people try to make them celebrity and it fully depends on how much people react and want him/her. And it goes perfect show off when he/she try to make him/her nude enough. 

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Norma Desmond

True that. We should all be mindful of our every actions especially on internet because we are all responsible for our own actions.

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I think you guys went way too fr with this. Topic is called LOVE CALLED SEX, not 'posting nudes online'. 

On topic -I'm 30something and have a lot f millennials around me. Even tho it's not such big age difference, 10-15 years, I see how different their views are from those of my generation. They talk about sex freely, they celebrate their sexuality and don't have any problems with anything connected to sex. I don't know what to think about that. I know I wouldn't be the happiest father on Earth if I had a daughter acting that way but at the same time it's nice their minds are so open.  

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Charles Kane

So what does "Sexting" means to you, Jaxxx? Isn't it sending nude pictures of you through phones or social media messenger? 

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Jenifer Tabet

Right you are @Maya 

"If you wanna keep something private, don't put it online". You can't even trust the privacy of online... what they offer this or that, you shouldn't. Facebook, a trusted social site was, has now been a burden for people. 

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