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A machine learning system has gained the ability to write its own code.


Machine learning systems in an amazing thing in modern technology. "DeepCoder" is a new machine learning system created by some researchers at Microsoft, can write the code itself. It has the ability to solve basic kind of problems.

Do you know anything about this?

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And so it begins lol. I don't know if you guys are familiar with the Go board game program that was similar to this, but it basically runs under the same premise of searching for existing codes and extrapolating it using trial and error. 

“The potential for automation that this kind of technology offers could really signify an enormous [reduction] in the amount of effort it takes to develop code,” - I agree with this. I hope that they use the tech for good not for things like war and stuff. 

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This reminds me of Travelers a bit (sorry for a spoiler if someone is just starting to watch). I see two main keywords in this - Microsoft and stealing code. Not impressed at all.

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It would be interesting what codes they come up with. 

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If it's Microsoft's probably something extremely buggy and unuseful lol

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