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Media reporting of science news and new discoveries



I love John Oliver and his show. I especially love how every week, he does a piece on things that aren't exactly "trending" but people need to know about. And even though he presents it with barbs and jokes, the message doesn't get lost.

John Oliver discusses how and why media outlets so often report untrue or incomplete information as science.
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Jenifer Tabet

How well does the news cover the process of scientific discovery? The overall Science Media Monitor analyzes the news coverage of widely reported scientific findings in order to increase the public’s understanding of the scientific process.

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News are trying, no one can say otherwise. The problem is, if you ask me, in the language they use. They either misinterpret everything or use terms normal people can't understand. Science would be much more popular if it was closer to people. who are not scientists.

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Otis Driftwood

Yes, they are trying. I get that. But there's too much filters in the story that makes the whole theory given to the public look differently. 

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